Biografi Max Hoelz, 1883-1933

Max Hoelz merupakan seorang “manusia aksi” ketimbang pemikir mendalam. Kerelaannya untuk terlibat dalam aksi nyata membela kelas pekerja juga keberaniannya mengkritisi rezim Stalin di Rusia patutlah dikagumi.

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Caring for Indonesianness: A Brief Reflection on The Independence Day of Indonesia

As an imagined community, as said by Benedict Anderson, the Indonesian people live from the collective imagination of one and the same identity. One nation, one homeland, and one language are certainly not empty slogans without meaning. The motto describes the unity of our identity as a nation that lives from the same history even though it consists of various tribes, races, cultures, and religions. This same history is the basis for the formation of our “Indonesianness”.

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